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Light Year or Failure Year?

Posted by MewtwoPlay - 3 days ago

They say that when you criticize a work you give a summary of what you've seen, but I think this movie will be an exception to that rule.

The first thing I did to make this review was: download the movie through mediafire, skip some scenes to watch quickly and I told myself... was it really worth watching?

and the answer is, a resounding... NO

Disney and fucking pixar tried to play god, they tried to play russian roulette with more bullets on their heads, they tried to put thousands of tons of coal in the locomotive... but we know that everything they did would only be as a result of their own death.

There was a time when companies created stories to make toys and that in a matter of only a short time they were a success, such as He-man and the masters of the universe, Thundercats and Max Steel reached great popularity, so much so that made many generations excited but, what I want to get at that question is...

What was the most horrible mistake, the most fucked up that this movie had?

and I myself will answer them with simple paragraphs:

First, change from children's audience to older teenagers woke up shit that they don't even watch children's movies and are only accusing about a supposedly racist scene or demanding that they put representation or whatever as if they were the center of the whole world when there are things more important.

Second, putting an extremely woke agenda to the extreme, so much so that the story, the characters and the antagonist were nothing more than pure filler.

Third, make buzz lightyear an idiotic protagonist, according to disney and pixar the movie is based on the times of the 90s and supposedly at that time Andy was young, to be honest if it were Andy he would have already thrown away Buzz Light's birthday present Year in the trash without even opening it.

And finally, the most humiliating and fucked up mistake, spending 200 million dollars on this movie only to unfortunately one day raise only 5 million (on an international level), making 14 countries ban this movie for excessive progressivism, and making 99% of the world hate completely disney, never again to be a magical world.

To conclude this review I will write a sentence from a person that perfectly describes the ruin of disney: "A kick in the ass, which sent the entire audience to Dreamworks."




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