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Marvel's Decline

Posted by MewtwoPlay - August 19th, 2022

“Because Marvel is not like before? ”

Lately Marvel has been getting worse over the years to the point of almost self-destructing itself, having a gnawing company that has pressured its producers and that this studio has not known how to move forward after the End Game, but, as it started all this?, first let's go back in time a little.


"Super Hero Movies in the 2000's"

At that time, superhero movies first became popular, with the first appearance of "Sam Raimi's Spider-Man" in Marvel in 2002 and its DC Comics Competition for best sequel to "Batman The Dark Knight" in 2002. 2008, but there was something that would have more popularity in the superheroes that we would see with greater ambition to Marvel...

With Marvel in 2008 we would see "Iron Man" for the first time, which was a great surprise for comic fans, to see how one of the main Marvel heroes would have a Live Action on the big screen, after his success with that movie we would begin to see little by little more heroes known in theaters, Hulk, Thor and even Captain America, many fans dreamed and wondered if we would ever see all these heroes together in one movie, but everyone would not know the success that the next movie would have. that would change the view of super heroes in an Epic way.


“Avengers Assemble”

Seeing the Avengers for the first time on the big screen was a dream come true for all the fans and for all the public, having a great success at the box office, after that they gradually released several films of various superheroes, post credits that showed appearances of Thanos, then we had "Infinity War" with the first appearance of Thanos and in the end they released "End Game" ending with the crossover and the most Epic battle and everything would seem to end there... or not?.

“The disastrous Phase 4”

After End Game, a Phase 4 came out, a phase that in my opinion was one of the worst phases and is one of the most rushed, that was one of the reasons why several films were released quickly than in the previous phases and currently He has seen a big mistake on the part of some movies and in many series that they released on Disney Plus, their CGI and their terrible decisions made by the horrible long-eared company.

“Disney and his obsession with money”

Since Marvel was bought by Disney at the beginning we had movies that have impacted us with happiness and we even had the "Spiderman No Way Home" but as Gamora would say in one of her memes "at what cost?", Disney not only brought good movies , also brought movies that are fucking bad, on Disney Plus the only series that were at least well received were "What If...?" and "Moonknight" and not happy with that they decided to release more movies but with bad stories and bad CGI and we can see this with the most visible example which is with "Thor Love and Thunder" a movie that had a weak story, a lousy CGI and a big undergrossing in its first weeks and brutally humiliated by the “TOP GUN” movie at the box office, but this is just the tip of the Iceberg of the stupid actions Disney has done, from forced inclusion, crappy comics, and even Disney blatantly mocked the late actor “Chadwick Boseman” by using his image on Twitter to promote the new movie “Wakanda Forever”.



We can clearly say that both Marvel / Disney do not know how to continue or how to improve their formula with their movies and do not know what fans deserve to have, even their enemy competition "DC Comics" thanks to their union with Discovery managed to fix their mistakes , making good decisions, removing movies that were not going to please people, successful movies in these years and there is already a planning to pick up and continue with the SnyderVerse, there is perhaps a chance that Marvel redeems itself and that it can return to its roots as The next “Secret Wars” movie may not have faith in this installment, but it's the only thing left to put it out of its misery.

And if we learned anything here, it is, “Every food product has an expiration date” and “Everything that goes up, has to come down”.

I hope you liked it, lately I haven't been active with the reviews, but this time we will have more information to share with you and if you want more reviews/opinions like this, you can tell me in the comments section, thank you very much for your attention.



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